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08/15/10 10:08 PM #1123    


Breit Hicks

Man..this is sad

10/09/10 10:30 PM #1124    


Breit Hicks

It was great.  Looking forward to the next.

11/16/10 12:25 PM #1125    


David Fort

Okay, y'all want to keep this thing alive?  I'm game!  I will check in here more often.  Sending all my classmates a warm holiday greeting.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!  Sorry I missed Halloween.  Maybe next year.

On a sadder note, Billy Bob's dad passed away yesterday.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers through this tough time.

11/19/10 10:26 AM #1126    


David Fort

Well, that went over like a turd in the punch bowl.

11/23/10 01:25 PM #1127    


David Fort

Still checking in almost daily.

12/01/10 12:26 PM #1128    


David Fort

Bueller?  Bueller?

12/06/10 03:37 PM #1129    


David Fort

Still watching.

12/16/10 09:37 AM #1130    


Jamie Gartman

Merry Christmas, Dave!

01/11/12 08:56 AM #1131    


David Fort

Hello Yancee!


Thanks for the Merry Christmas there Jamie.


Happy 2012 to all my fellow Yellowjackets!  

01/11/12 08:58 AM #1132    


David Fort

BTW...Happy Birthday Bonner, Bibb, and Bass!

04/07/12 09:16 PM #1133    


Breit Hicks

Breit wuz here.

08/05/13 02:35 PM #1134    

Shannon Winston

Whats up people? Guess keeping the Forum alive needs more participants!

02/05/14 04:41 PM #1135    

Haven Micko (Bass)

Hope everyone is doing great. Yeah, I guess we dont take the time to get on this site as much as we should. It's kind of cool to find out what paths peoples lives have taken in the last 14+ years. Take care and God Bless!

04/23/14 10:55 PM #1136    


Chris Campbell

We are having a 25yr Sheridan Highschool Reunion September 12 & 13th. Friday Night we will do the Highschool Football Game & maybe something afterwards. Saturday we are having the big event at the Sheridan Country Club. We are in the process of getting a DJ, Cater, & Photographer. Some of you I know would rather go downtown or build a bonfire somewhere, so we have 2-3 options. I need old pictures from jr high or Highschool sent to my email address. chriscampbell7875@gmail.com. I will need plenty of volunteers so feel free to help with make this a successful event!!! Please add members & let our classmates know about this!!!

05/14/14 08:34 PM #1137    


Chris Campbell

Where is Cool Hicks, David Fort?  Nobody is talking!!!!

05/24/14 01:38 PM #1138    

Tracy Epperson (Kaufman)

I have absolutely nothing to say, just trying to be a dutiful 89er and keep the forum alive. I just figured out how to log in here again.... now if I can just figure out the picture thing.

05/24/14 10:24 PM #1139    


Chris Campbell

Thank you Tracy!!!  If you need any help posting pics, I can help with that if you haven't figured it out!!

07/30/14 08:03 PM #1140    


Crystal Clark (Woods)

Count us in, Chris!  

07/31/14 06:49 PM #1141    

Curtis McElyea

We will be there. I will get with you next week Chris about the banner and to pay our dues.

08/01/14 09:13 AM #1142    


Chris Campbell

Good deal. Please try to get your money in by next week or two. I planned an event one time & it ended up costing me about $200 because I took people's word they were coming. That's why I just count what I receive, not what I was promised.  It will be great to see everyone who plans on coming so please try to get yours in soon!!!

08/14/14 12:04 AM #1143    


Chris Campbell

Thank you class for meeting the 1st half of our goal!!!! As of today we are at 51 people for the reunion!!!! Lets NOT let up though!!!!! Now lets try to get 100 people for the reunion!!!! It's ONLY 25 couples which is doable!!!! Remember to send a check or money for $25/person or $50/couple. Remember you save $10/person or $20/couple at the door. This helps the cater, and me know how many to prepart for. The address is:
Chris Campbell
3 Cedar Field Lane
Sherwood, AR ...72120
If money is an issue, please send me a private message, & I will make sure you can come to the reunion, thanks to the GENEROUS donations we have recieved from various classmates!!!! Thanks so much for the people who have gotten their money in, and the people with a "X" by their name gave a little extra of $5-$10-$20 or more!!!! Here is the list, now lets keep building a BIGGER reunion!!!! Get on the phone, call, text, email, but recruit your classmates!!!! I called Shawn Ward & texted Kevin Crowder tonight, so if you know someone, start recruiting!!!!!! Here is the list below:

# Last First Donation
1 Alexander Mark
2 Alexander (George) Melissa
3 Bisbee Pat
4 Bisbee Chantelle
5 Brown Melissa
6 Brown Gary
7 Campbell Chris X
8 Campbell Gynger
9 Erb Brian
10 Erb (Lisenby) Lana
11 Ferrell Curtis
12 Ferrell (Estell) Becky
13 Garner Sharon
14 Garner Michael X
15 Gartman Jamie
16 Gartman (Holmes) Kim
17 Gieringer Joey
18 Gieringer (Tadlock) Cymber X
19 Godwin Bryan X
20 Godwin Wendy
21 Hanson Eric
22 Harper Clint
23 Harper Tera
24 Holt Scott X
25 Jeffrey Bill X
26 Jeffrey Wendy
27 Jones Greg
28 Jones (Rice) Gayla X
29 Mayo Mike
30 Mayo (May) Buffie X
31 Mcelyea Curtis
32 Mcelyea (Hill) Pam
33 Morgan Kelly
34 Priest (Brown) Deana X
35 Rentch Robert
36 Rentch (Hedrick) Lea X
37 Roberson Carrie X
38 Roberson Carey
39 Scott Kim
40 Styers Newton
41 Styers Patricia
42 Talbert Shannon X
43 Talbert Jennifer
44 Taylor Bobby
45 Taylor Deana
46 Warren Harold
47 Warren (Ketchum) Missy X
48 Welch Robert
49 Williams (Smurl) Trina X
50 Woods Michael X
51 Woods (Clark) Crystal

08/18/14 08:34 AM #1144    


Chris Campbell

Here is the up to date list. We are at 63 ppl right now. We had a graduating class of around 244 I belive. IF you plan on going please get your money in so I can get an accurate count for the cater!!! You can mail a check or money order to:
Chris Campbell
3 Cedar Field Lane
Sherwood, AR 72120
The cost is $25/person or $50 per couple. You can save $10 per person that night or $20/couple if you get your money in early. Lets shoot for 100ppl now!!! Please tell other cla...ssmates you keep in touch with or call someone you haven't talked to in a while!!!! Anything over $5-$10-$20 etc is considered a donation and will be greatly appreciated!!!! If money is an issue please send me a private message, and I will see that your taken care of thanks to your classmates giving a little extra!!!!! Here is the latest list of classmates, and dates they are bringing to the reunion.  Don't have enough money for a plane ticket, but if we did I would buy you one!!!


# Last First Donation
1 Alexander   Mark  
2 Alexander (George) Melissa  
3 Bisbee Pat  
4 Bisbee Chantelle  
5 Brown Melissa  
6 Brown Gary  
7 Campbell Chris X
8 Campbell Gynger  
9 Cisne (Robinson) Courtney X
10 Erb  Brian  
11 Erb (Lisenby) Lana  
12 Ferrell Curtis  
13 Ferrell (Estell) Becky  
14 Garner Sharon  
15 Garner Michael X
16 Gartman Jamie  
17 Gartman (Holmes) Kim  
18 Gieringer  Joey  
19 Gieringer (Tadlock) Cymber X
20 Godwin Bryan X
21 Godwin Wendy  
22 Hall Hank X
23 Hall Amy  
24 Hanson Eric  
25 Harper Clint  
26 Harper Tera  
27 Holt Scott X
28 Hoover Martin  
29 Jeffrey Bill X
30 Jeffrey Wendy  
31 Jones Greg  
32 Jones (Rice) Gayla X
33 Kaufman (DR) Tracy  
34 Mayo Mike  
35 Mayo (May) Buffie X
36 Mcelyea Curtis  
37 Mcelyea (Hill) Pam  
38 Morgan Kelly  
39 Nutt Hollis
40 Priest (Brown) Deana X
41 Rentch    Robert  
42 Rentch (Hedrick) Lea X
43 Roberson Carrie X
44 Roberson Carey  
45 Scott Kim  
46 Styers Newton  
47 Styers Patricia  
48 Talbert Shannon X
49 Talbert Jennifer  
50 Taylor Bobby  
51 Taylor Deana  
52 Tubbs Donald  
53 Tubbs Donita  
54 Varnell Jeff  
55 Warren    Harold  
56 Warren (Ketchum) Missy X
57 Welch Robert  
58 Williams (Mattison) Marla  
59 Williams (Smurl) Trina X
60 Williamson Bob   
61 Williamson (Funderburg Conelia  
62 Woods Michael X
63 Woods (Clark) Crystal  

08/29/14 07:58 AM #1145    


Chris Campbell

We are about 2-weeks away from our reunion!!! If your going to go please get your money in so I will know how many to plan for the reunion!!! It's $25/person & $50/couple at the door. We have over 50 people so there will not be an extra $10 charge at the door per person. That Friday Night for those who want to help decorate for the reunion on Saturday we can meet at the Sheridan Country Club that night to decorate. They have an open bar at the country club too. Here is the list of people who have sent their money in for the reunion, and an X by the people who donated. Thanks so much for the people who sent their money in and donated!!!! If money is an issue, just send me a private message, and we will take care of that no questions asked. WE WANT YOU HERE!!!! Remember if you think you want to go please send a check or money order to:
Chris Campbell
3 Cedar Field Lane
Sherwood, AR 72120

Here is the up to date list as of today

# Last First Donation
1 Alexander Mark
2 Alexander (George) Melissa
3 Bisbee Pat
4 Bisbee Chantelle
5 Brown Melissa
6 Brown Gary
7 Campbell Chris X
8 Campbell Gynger
9 Cisne (Robinson) Courtney X
10 Darnell Jeff
11 Elkins (Haley) Kelly X
12 Erb Brian
13 Erb (Lisenby) Lana
14 Ferrell Curtis
15 Ferrell (Estell) Becky
16 Garner Sharon
17 Garner Michael X
18 Gartman Jamie
19 Gartman (Holmes) Kim
20 Gieringer Joey
21 Gieringer (Tadlock) Cymber X
22 Godwin Bryan X
23 Godwin Wendy
24 Hall Hank X
25 Hall Amy
26 Hanson Eric
27 Harper Clint
28 Harper Tera
29 Holt Scott X
30 Hoover Martin
31 Jeffrey Bill X
32 Jeffrey Wendy
33 Jones Greg
34 Jones (Rice) Gayla X
35 Kaufman (DR) Tracy
36 Lepkosky Martin
37 Lepkosky (Harp) Angele
38 Martindale Cary X
39 Mayo Mike
40 Mayo (May) Buffie X
41 Mcelyea Curtis
42 Mcelyea (Hill) Pam
43 Morgan Kelly
44 Nutt Hollis X
45 Priest (Brown) Deana X
46 Rentch Robert
47 Rentch (Hedrick) Lea X
48 Roberson Carrie X
49 Roberson Carey
50 Scott Kim
51 Styers Newton
52 Styers Patricia
53 Talbert Shannon X
54 Talbert Jennifer
55 Taylor Bobby
56 Taylor Deana
57 Tubbs Donald
58 Tubbs Donita
59 Warren Harold
60 Warren (Ketchum) Missy X
61 Welch Robert
62 Whittmore (Jenkins) Charley
63 Williams Ted
64 Williams (Mattison) Marla
65 Williams (Smurl) Trina X
66 Williamson Bob
67 Williamson (Funderburg Conelia
68 Woods Michael X
69 Woods (Clark) Crystal

09/04/14 02:10 PM #1146    

Julie Kimmer (Kimmer)

I'll be there!! Thats about all I gotta say...LOL Have a GREAT day!!

09/24/20 03:46 PM #1147    

Eddy Williams

Let's resurrect this thing.  It's been 6 years since anyone posted.  No doubt a lot has happened since then.  How is everyone?

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